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At the beginning of treatment, the inflammatory process is stopped. This is followed by the recovery stage (restoration of articular tissues). The third stage is prevention, prevention of relapse.
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At the first stage, they provide the joint with rest (fix it, apply a warming or pressure bandage). Further, the treatment of Achilles bursitis is carried out in accordance with the doctor's recommendations at home. Vishnevsky ointment, gels and ointments with anesthetics are used to relieve pain and treat Achilles bursitis.
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If the condition does not normalize, the joint capsule is pierced. The inflamed fluid is pumped out, antibiotics and glucocorticoids are injected into the joint cavity. Glucocorticoids block the movement of Medrol enzymes (nucleases, proteases, etc.) to the inflammatory focus, and neutralize their activity. Minimize vascular permeability, localize the inflammatory process. Enhance the effect of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.
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With a long course of Achilles bursitis, with the development of purulent bursitis, surgical methods are used: punctures of the inflammatory fluid; partial excision or opening of the synovial bag; removal of its upper wall; plugging; removal of the synovial sac without opening it. After surgery, measures are taken to speed up the healing of tissues.


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The treatment regimen for Achilles bursitis with the help of folk remedies must be agreed with the attending physician and regularly visit him to monitor the condition. Prevention is to prevent the recurrence of symptoms of the disease and eliminate its possible causes. When applied to Achilles bursitis, this means: injury must be avoided. First of all - injuries of the affected joint; use clamps in everyday life to protect the joint capsule; timely treat wounds with antiseptic compounds, prevent suppuration and the development of inflammatory processes.

The main requirement for choosing shoes is comfort: avoid tight models that impair blood flow; avoid hard backs; it is advisable to use orthopedic insoles; women who spend most of their time in high heels are not recommended to make frequent abrupt transitions from heels to flats.

Radical measures are not recommended - hunger strikes, excessively rigid diets. It is important to observe the regime, do not eat at night. Eliminate fatty foods from the diet. Otherwise, stick to a balanced diet. The most useful vegetables - zucchini, pumpkin, garlic, onions - contain zinc, which helps strengthen joints. Cereals, whole grain bread, low-fat meat and fish dishes are recommended. Gelatin is useful for restoring cartilage.